Wednesday, 28 February 2007

oh the joys of working from home...

As I've posted on my business blog, one of my suppliers ceased trading on 31st december and I've found out, from another retailer, today. I'm soooooo naffed off it's untrue. And I'm posting here because I get really mixed messages from the Universe sometimes. Am I supposed to be in business at all? Am I supposed to be in business but not making any money? Why give myself this frustration? Argh!!!

We're suffering sleep-creep here atm. It's not good.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

the weekly cook-in and other inconsequential minutiae

the choosing a recipe thing is going pretty well, apart from the incredibly expensive tastes my two older daughters have and the disaster with the crabs (moral of the story, frozen crab is worthless and crabs need to be *big* to 'dress' at home successfully.) Tonight's choice was paella, v v tasty with the choriso and fresh thyme (next door neighbour's plant grows through our fence) and saffron, next time needs more saffron. But I must remember to have the liquid really really bubbling before I put seafood-y things in it.

Tomorrow (we missed a couple of weeks, with the crab and me being ill last week) we're having a Swedish lamb recipe from the Green and Black's recipe book I got for my birthday. Which will be really interesting, though I've had a meat recipe with chocolate in before, partridge in rich chocolate sauce for Christmas dinner pre-children.

Woohoo dd4's just fallen asleep!

There are rumblings that Virgin Media won't be able to show Sky One for much longer, which is a drag for us fans of Bones and Battlestar Galactica. Downloading and converting to wmf to play through the xbox or figuring out exactly why we can't get the sound through the tv from the pc is going to be the way to go apparently. Anyone with good links or info on how to sort that out please lmk!!

Monday, 19 February 2007


have I said how much I hate having a cough?

how babies are designed...

thanks for the challenge Gill :|

I suppose it's pretty simple though. Human babies are born a bit like kangaroo babies, in that they're not mature enough at birth to do stuff that most mammal babies can, like ape babies being able to hang on to mum's fur so she can get on with foraging and whatnot, or hooved herbivores being able to walk pdq so the herd can leg it away from the lions. In a cave-mum situation babies can't be left alone cos of the sabre toothed tiger and bears and shit, plus the hypothermia thing from lack of fur, so it's utterly counter-intuitive and counter-evolutionary to expect a baby to not call to mum in some way or other, and I'm big on psychic communication with mum/baby relationships, if cave-baby is on its own for any length of time. So that's the basic design thing with babies, they need human contact to feel safe and secure and they're programmed to communicate the need so that the bear doesn't get them. On a more esoteric level, there's aura-sharing and chakras over nipples and if you're into that kind of thing you'll kwim.

The bf stuff I can't separate here from my annoyance at the person on the forum I was talking about before, with her talk of mostly expressing and not being able to wait until she could unwrap the bottles in her cupboard and routines and dissing my suggestion of a co-sleeper (not actually sharing with her, but having an open-sided cot or crib thing next to her bed) because she doesn't believe babies should be in bed with Mum and Dad. Cos how is a baby going to be nurtured *energetically* with a bottle or while in a cot/pram/car-seat/bouncy-chair/moses basket and not in contact with anyone?

So to sum up: I reckon babies need human contact and regular doses of energetic nurturing, at whatever frequency they deem fit. Cave-mum didn't have a clock, or a baby monitor and we're not all that different now. Seems daft to expect babies to have caught up in evolution with society's changes in the last 200-300 years. And other such 'natural parenting' platitudes.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

meaning to blog...

I do keep meaning to blog. But then I wonder what I'm going to say. I might get round to posting about what the kids are up to, sometime! I can't do the stream of consciousness stuff like some people and tbh I don't like looking like I'm soapboxing (yes really!) that much. OK maybe that's not entirely true, lol. I'll have to remember to use this space when I get frustrated with attitudes in other places, like people who say they're going to try to breastfeed but really either don't understand how bf works, and therefore how babies are really designed, iykwim, or actually don't want to but can't say so, for some reason. Either way it's grim and I should stay away, damn my inner spammer for keeping me posting...

hey ho. Will get back to being ill...