Friday, 2 May 2008

adverts like that really p*** me off!!

I just uttered these words, at the end of a short rant. Dh said 'noooooo really?' :-|

The advert in question was the MiracleGro Organic ad, nauseating enough with its 'now we're starting a family...' schtick, I mean for goodness sake why wait?? If you've any inclination to go organic, just bloody do it! And you don't need something in a cardboard box, do you? Get yourself a composter or digester or wormery or do the no-dig thing and chuck your veg waste straight on the garden. What really got my goat, or gripped my sh*t as someone on a yahoogroup once said, was the 'it's 100% chemical free' line. Look honey, everything is made up of chemicals. Atoms, elements, compounds, molecules, suspensions, gas, liquid, solid... it's all chemicals dude. That's the whole big-thing point. Some chemicals are more useful to us than others, some more harmful. Chemistry is knowledge, understanding is obviously somewhat more difficult.

Oh and while we're on the subject of adverts, the one for Hofmann automatic garage doors, one might hope the automation includes switching the light on!!