Monday, 20 July 2009


Dh has gone today to Scotland with 3 of 4 offspring. Dd2 and I are travelling up by train on Wednesday, which gives me a couple of days of not having to cater for small people's demands, being able to do jobs and tidy up without interruption or it being undone as fast as I can do it, and having a bit of genuine help. I've been looking forward to this for ages now, this is my holiday.

Since they left I've tidied a bit, made tea, walked to the shop because I didn't have any breakfast cereal, watched Twilight with dd2 (I really need to watch it by myself, or perhaps with someone who won't start commenting on the bits that don't mesh up with the book, lol, to properly let myself get into it and enjoy it, I think, but it was still nice) and sat and listend to 1 and a half (so far) Muse albums.

Tomorrow I plan to do as much cleaning as I can, do some reading, maybe play Lips or Singstar with dd2, watch some more telly.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

toooooo hoooooottttt

Melting. Brain is melting.

Reminded myself to blog by following link on my twitter page (I'm trogglicious on there)

Not sure what I'm going to blog about, other than being too bloomin' hot to think. Heartily sick of small people whining at each other today, a general air of niggle going on... dd2 being greedy and using xbox and my laptop, which she needs for the walkthrough. Apparently.

I should talk about fun stuff like booking tickets to see Muse in November but it's such a long time away... I did just book tix for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, on the Thursday rather than the opening Wednesday because the premier seats are all gone (well, there was one left, not much good when there are three of us going) for the 8pm showing. And also I've booked train tickets for our housesitting holiday in Dunbar, dh is taking dd1, 3 and 4 up in the car on the Sunday and I'm going with dd2 on the Wednesday, giving me a couple of days of relative quiet at home and saving the massive sum of £4 on the train fare, getting a little bit of use out of the free Family-and-Friends Railcard. Must remember to get the half-price offer this time.

I've been posting on TwilightMoms, enjoying the analysis of the books (oddly enough, as I'm not usually that keen on analysing art, it's too personal a thing IMO, but discussion with enthusiasts for the fun of it is decidedly better than having to do it for grades!) and making new friends, I hope :-) There doesn't seem to be anyone very local to me, which is a shame because really I'm looking for someone to go to see New Moon with who won't be surprised if I'm a weeping mess throughout.

Right I must away, to let dd4 use a puter before she explodes, and to make good on my promise to myself that I would make a start on my dress this afternoon. Need to clear a patch of floor first!