Monday, 30 April 2007

the only sane woman in the country

Am I really the only sane woman left in Great Britain? Or can someone tell me where I can find two-piece swimwear that doesn't mean that I have to make special dispensation for the fact that *shock horror* I have breasts?

Seriously, I have spent my afternoon trawling my local town with my two older daughters looking for swimwear for all of us. There's some lovely stuff out there, funky patterns, fun details, all that. But we couldn't find a single adult-sized two-piece that didn't have either triangle tops (oh there are plenty of those in the girls' sizes too, and really don't get me started on that little piece of social engineering) or formed cups or halter necks or those really annoying support shelf things, have you tried to take one of those off when it's wet, and you're dealing with a small child? Ridiculous.

A few years ago the shops were filled with tankinis, I had one from River Island that was perfect, plain black long-length top and shorts, little silvery sewn-on badges, no fuss, no stupid 'look at my tits!' malarky. Easy to pull up or down for feeding babies, enough coverage for my ample backside, perfect. But trends change, don't they? Even long-length tops were in short supply today.

All I want is something comfortable, maybe a fun fabric, that doesn't shout 'look, I have breasts!!' and covers my arse. That's all. Oh except that I want something similar for my daughters that doesn't scream soft porn when they're only 10 and 11! Surely it's not too much to ask? Surely I can't be the only mother of pre-teen girls who don't fit the children's sizes any more? Answers on a postcard...

Saturday, 28 April 2007

pop quiz - can you name this disease??

symptoms: general mardiness followed by high temp, which settles down to be followed about 36hrs later by vomming and rash. Rash is small spots that are red when child is hot or agitated, vanish when not and leave 'goosebump' type feeling on the skin??

And meanwhile if anyone would come and look after everyone else while I doggedly get k into doing the same thing at the same time each day for a fortnight, please form a queue here 4

Monday, 16 April 2007

evidence for the LEA

Warning, bit of a jumping-about stream of consciousness ramble, this one. LMK if it's utterly intelligable and I'll see if I can clarify. But don't expect miracles ;)

Late last night, much later than I 'should' have done, cos I was sleepy at midnight, ahem, I was reading Gill's blog and came across the stuff about home-ed blogging = evidence for the LEA and the idea that it looked bad for those who don't blog. There's the obvious parallel here, for those who know home-ed politics, with the home visit issue. Except for a couple of things.

People blog because they want to. They provide evidence for the LEA because they are compelled to by law when the LEA make informal enquiries.

I'm not a fan of home visits, or, in fact, of any kind of regular monitoring. But if you're in a situation where you find yourself needing to meet the LEA's informal enquiries, and the most appropriate way for you is a home visit, then that's what you do, isn't it? The problems arise when LEA officials *insist* on home visits and don't accept other forms of evidence. I really can't see the day when blogging becomes the favoured form of evidence in that way!

So... why do home-edders blog?

For me it's because I like being on the 'net, and I have good friends who blog, and I'm trying to be in with the in-crowd, lol. And also because I like having a good old soapbox. But then I guess I can't be accused here of providing evidence for the LEA.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, nothing really. Just that I hoped it might provide a less-well-travelled space to generate a bit of clarity on the issue. kwim?

visual DNA

So hard with these things when things don't entirely match where you are...

Monday, 9 April 2007

a done deal

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hair hair everywhere...

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Sunday, 8 April 2007

Happy Easter!

However and whatever you celebrate around now, I hope it brings Spring-like new beginnings :-) I've been really happy to hang out and be domestic this past week, but now I'll have to knuckle down and get a ton of shop work done. Tomorrow promises to be pleasantly warm and chocolate-laden for the children, and hopefully sleep-laden for me!

K took herself to bed at 7pm earlier. Which in other households might be fine, but seeing as she didn't wake up 'til around 11am, when I came back to bed (I'd booked myself in for a leg-waxing at 9am, I wanted to get it done with enough time for my legs to settle down in time for the show next Friday and Saturday and when the woman said '9am?' I thought it was alright because I'd be taking M to drama class at 9am, so I said 'well it will be a few minutes after nine,' which was fine, of course, but then dh said on Thursday evening 'but there isn't any drama class this weekend' and we were out at Cannon Hall and the farm park next door all day Friday so I didn't get chance to rearrange it. So I went to bed about 2.30, leaving dh watching baseball on the MLB website, set my alarm, and as is usual at the moment I don't seem to sleep well when I know I have to get up, though H said she woke up at the same time I did so perhaps there was something particularly noisy going on at 7am? Anyway, I got up, and had a bit of time, and decided to play Lego Star Wars II which is really good fun :-) until I had to go, but I didn't finish the bit of story I was playing and it doesn't save mid section, so naturally when I came back I had to carry on playing. Actually it was really nice to have a bit of daytime alone-time to just mong out and do my own thing, even if I did have to do it quietly! In the end it took me 'til just before 11am to finish the bit I was doing, so that was when I went back to bed. Are you still with me?? LOL) it's Not a Good Thing here. As the fact that she's still here at nearly 3am shows. *sigh* Goodness knows what time we'll be up tomorrow, but as long as she doesn't fall asleep on the way home from MIL's it'll be alright I guess.

Oh bother, what else was I going to blog? Hmmm. Must have been really important...