Wednesday, 8 October 2008

One of those days...

well, evenings really...

Nice day at home-ed group, despite feeling rather 'oh do I have to?' about going, lol. But a bit of sunshine and good company is handy.

On getting home, I checked my emails for orders and enquiries and refreshed the online tracking for my inbound parcels, as I tend to obsessively do when I've got an order on the way. There are two boxes, with consecutive tracking numbers. One is currently in Sweden, the other in Finland. :-| A day after being despatched and they've already got separated. Last time, one package arrived as normal and the other almost a week later, in a very dishevilled state. Am I going to get a piece of cardboard with a tracking label on it this time?!

Nipped out to the supermarket for stuff for today and tomorrow with dd2. We got lamb burgers and potatoes for making into wedges/oven chips for tonight, chicken and mushroom slices for tomorrow's lunch, mince for chilli for tomorrow's tea and own-brand filled ice-cream cones for the fun of it, and loaded them into two shopping bags and took a bag each back to the car. I put my bag in the back seat and dd2 put hers in the middle front, where I dumped my handbag. Called at the petrol station, used the wrong side of the pumps again (are there really that many cars with the filler cap on the right side???) and went home. Got out of the car and took the bag from the middle seat. And not the one from the back. So I have lamb burgers and ice-creams, but no potatoes, mince or chicken and mushroom slices.