Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Backyardigans rock!

I love backyardigans, it's ace. The incongruous music (New Orleans blues and steel drums for and Ice Age 'cavepeople' story?!) the characters (Pablo... Pablo...... Pablo!!) and storylines (the River Nile has dried up because the princess is rude?!?!) are just brilliant. Got to see it.

Meanwhile, dd1 and 2 are currently clearing dd2's room out for NTL (or should that be Virgin Media??) to come and put the old cable box in there. Should have been done last week but some numpty didn't put the two jobs of fitting a new sky+-style HD tv box and moving the old box on the same work order. fab customer service and efficiency there. Hope Virgin do better :|

dd4 and I are poorly, we both have colds. dh has flu. real flu, not man-flu. honest. And that's reminded me I'm supposed to be going to get lemsips. Does anyone want to come round and do my washing up?

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Oh no, we're starting to look like a proper home-ed family...

Dd1 was talking about New Years Resolutions... I suggested that once a week she gets a recipe from one of our large collection of vastly underused cookbooks and cooks it herself, with help of course. Well dd2 wanted in on the act of course, so now we have each one doing alternate weeks, one day of the weekend and so far we've had home-made pizza, moules mariniere and roast chicken (which is of course something we would do, but actually using a recipe is a different matter... but then the recipe wasn't folowed because I wasn't supervising, I mean helping, ahem!) But coo, it looks like education!

As does the Happy Mais strewn over the table. I keep meaning to take photos of the elaborate creations but perfectionism means that they get scrapped before I get round to getting the camera out, lol.

And here's a quick 'squeee'. If you know why I'm squeeing then *grin* but if not I can't tell you cos it's seeeeecrit. Sorry!

Saturday, 20 January 2007

new year, new blog...

Just a new space for posting family-ish stuff. :)