Monday, 20 July 2009


Dh has gone today to Scotland with 3 of 4 offspring. Dd2 and I are travelling up by train on Wednesday, which gives me a couple of days of not having to cater for small people's demands, being able to do jobs and tidy up without interruption or it being undone as fast as I can do it, and having a bit of genuine help. I've been looking forward to this for ages now, this is my holiday.

Since they left I've tidied a bit, made tea, walked to the shop because I didn't have any breakfast cereal, watched Twilight with dd2 (I really need to watch it by myself, or perhaps with someone who won't start commenting on the bits that don't mesh up with the book, lol, to properly let myself get into it and enjoy it, I think, but it was still nice) and sat and listend to 1 and a half (so far) Muse albums.

Tomorrow I plan to do as much cleaning as I can, do some reading, maybe play Lips or Singstar with dd2, watch some more telly.

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